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Please find an extensive list of commmon quesrtions asked by customers. If you cannot see the question and answer you are looking for please call us on 1800 71 72 73

Does Super Hoist Plus have a showroom where i can view these products?

Yes. Super Hoist Plus has a head office in Sagewick Place Moss Vale, New South Wales, where all of  our products can be viewed. We have also recently just opened another premises at 21 Corporation Avenue Bathrust.

What kind of warranty comes with the Super Hoist Plus products?

All of our car hoists come with a 5 year structural warranty as well as 12 months on electrics and hydraulics for parts.

What wil be the shipping cost to have a hoist freighted to me?

Due to the weights of our hoists, we need to individually quote the freight for each order. Please contact the team at Super Hoist Plus on 1800 71 72 73 for a competitive freight price.

Which shipping company does Super Hoist Plus use to freight products?

Super Hoist Plus uses Toll Express to freight the majority of its orders to customers.

Does Super Hoist Plus have Work Cover certification on thier hoists?

Yes. Super Hoist Plus has Work Cover Certification on all of our two post car hoists.

Where are the Super Hoist, hoists manufactured?

Our car lifts are made in China, by a large company that has been in operation for over 50 years. They are producers of high quality products and also manufacture Kingchrome and Sidchrome products.

Do the Super Hoist Plus car hoists come with a Single Phase Motor?

Yes. All of our car hoists come standard with a single phase 240v motor.

What happens if I need spare parts?

Super Hoist Plus carries an extensive range of spare parts for all of our products.

Does Super Hoist Plus sell both Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic car hoists?

Yes we sell both semi and fully automatic car hoists.

What is the difference between Semi-Automatic car hoists and Fully-Automatic?

Semi-Automatic car lifts are raised with a push button and lowered with a lever. A fully-automatic car hoist is raised with a push button and lowered with a push button.

What lift height do the Super Hoist Plus car hoist lift to?

All of our car hoists have a lift height of 1800mm. 

What are some of the features of your car hoists?

Two Post Car Hoists have the following features:

- Rubber Door Protectors

- height Adaptors

- 80mm Locking Mechanism for Safety

- Outriggers on the 4 tonne 2 post models

- Rubber lift pads have a screw adjustment

- Available in Semi or Fully Automatic

What concrete thickness is required for a Super Hoist Plus car lift to be fitted?

The minimum thickness required for a slab for a car hoist to be fitted is 6 inches or 150mm.

Does Super Hoist Plus offer a fitting and maintenance service for my new car hoist?

Super Hoist Plus can provide details of Hoist Installers and Hoist Maintenance companies in your area.

What kind of hydraulic oil is required for the car hoists and how many litres?

All of our car hoists require a 32 grade hydraulic oil. This can be purchased through Super hoist Plus. Oil used that is any rhicker or thinner than this can damage the hoist and void warranty.

What kind of wiring is needed to have one of the Super Hoist car lifts running correctly?

Our car hoists require wiring to a 20amp designated circuit. If wired any differently this will void warranty. All wiring must be carried out by a licensed electrician. Once completed the Wiring Approval From will need to be returned to head office for warranty to become valid.

When does my warranty start?

Warranty starts from the date that the unit is shpping or picked up from our showroom/warehouse. Warranrty does not start once the hoist is installed, it is from the first date of shipping or pick up.

Can these car hoists be fitted outdoors?

No. We suggest that you have your car hoist installed indoors. If fitted outdoors this will void the warranty and could put the hydraulics and electrcis of your hoist at risk of being damaged by the weather.

Is it safe for my car to be sitting on the hoist in a raised position?

Yes. It is perfectly safe for a car to be sitting on a hoist in the raised postion for an extended amount of time. As long as the hoist is engaged on the safety locks and not fully relying on the hydraulics and have been lifted on the correct lift points, there should not be any problem in doing this. 

What kind of arms are supplied with the two post car hoists?

All of our two post car hoists are supplied with symmetric arms, which means that a car can be positioned 50% in front of the hoist and 50% behind.

What is the clearance of the arms on the Super Hoist two post car lifts?

The clerance on all of our two post car lift arms is 120mm.

Can the Super Hoist Plus car hoists be used in a Workshop environment?

Yes all of our two post car hoists have Work Cover certification and are built strongly and soundly and can be fitted into any workshop environment as long as they are used correctly.

Can the Super Hoist Plus car hoists be used in a home workshop?

Yes. Our hoists can be used in Mechanical Workshops as well as in the home garage for the car enthusiast.

What is the difference between a clear floor hoist and a floor plate hoist?

A clear floor car hoist has a beam that runs along the top of the two posts. This is also where the cables run on a hoist like this. These hoists are particularly popular for people who have low cars or require a hoist where they are working on gearboxes frequently.

What kind of hoist best suits me?

Depending on the type of work you require to use a hoist for can affect whether a two post or four post car hoist is the most suitable for you. Please give our sales team a call on 1800 71 72 73 and we can help you determine which hoist will be best for you : )