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Hi Laurie and Marie,
Finally got around to sending you some photos of the Garage at Noosa and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your support in setting up this much needed training workshop for the local school kids.  We have just finished the first 8 week course and they enjoyed it so much they are looking forward to the next level.  We are currently recruiting the next group for the last term of this year.
Having the hoist from Super hoist Plus allowed us to teach the components under a vehicle to these kids much more easily.  Most had not seen under a vehicle before, so this is a great training aid for us.  Also when it came to working on the vehicles having a 2 post hoist is a luxury compared to using jacks and stands etc.  The Hoist is strong and robust and works well, and last but not least the price is right many of the businesses around here have commented on the hoist and the value for money.
Thanks for your support
Ian Harrison and Gerard Rademaker - Noosa QLD